Dell Launches IT Social Hub

As a company committed to innovation in social media, Dell’s often experimenting with new ways to connect with customers and technology enthusiasts. In that spirit, we just launched the IT Social Hub.

The site pulls in feeds of the most recent IT-related news and updates from Dell’s social media channels and blogs, keeping everything in one place.

And the site isn’t just comprehensive – it’s dynamic. As content goes out on social networks, the site instantly updates with the latest IT-related posts Dell blogs Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

You can filter content by channel – just Facebook, for instance – or by featured topic, like education, healthcare or government. To read more technical content, check out the updates from the Dell Tech Center community.

Dell IT Social Hub - filters

You can also access the ITEN app, which works on Android, Windows and iOS smartphones and is full of videos, podcasts and articles.

Because of the variety of social media content, the Social Hub site’s relevant for everyone from a CIO to a sys admin to a student. I encourage you to check out the IT Social Hub (or click on the image below). If you find it useful, bookmark it and check in often for the latest IT and technology-related posts from Dell’s social media team.

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Dell IT Social Hub

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About the Author: Ana Cantu