Dell Launches Pinterest Page to Share Pinteresting Content Curated Across Time and the Web

Pinterest logoPinterest is undoubtedly the “darling of the social media world” at present…and why not? It’s fun, simple to navigate and share content across, is a visual smorgasbord, and is one of the best platforms to convey ideas —be they simple or complex— in an aesthetically appealing way. Launched in March 2010, Pinterest is now the third most-followed social media network in the U.S. after Facebook and Twitter! As of March 2012, daily unique visits to Pinterest exceeded 4 million and page views totaled 2.3 billion (source).

Several brands have established a strong presence on Pinterest and are finding some wonderfully creative ways of sharing their stories and what they stand for. Better Homes and Gardens, the Travel Channel, and Whole Foods are among the top brands on Pinterest that we admire for going beyond pushing products to providing added value to customers and fans in the form of home improvement ideas, inspirational quotes, and food presentation tips.

When people think of Pinterest, they tend to think of DIY projects, recipes, and fashion. So where does a tech company like Dell fit in? We have always believed in going where our customers are. Recognizing the kind of followership Pinterest has, we’d like to reach out to you, our customers, and share with you our story in the form of pictures and videos, through a medium that encourages creativity and showcases rich media content in a simple and enjoyable format.

The Dell Pinterest page was started in March 2012. Though it is just a little over four months old, it is growing steadily, with a few new pins every week. We have ideas for some new boards that will enable us to keep communicating our growth as a company as well as what we stand for.


So far, we have five Pinterest boards on the Dell page:

Infographics: a collection of graphic visual representations, commissioned by Dell, that effectively explain theories, concepts, and ideas as well as provide statistical analyses and research findings in a visually appealing manner. Take a look at the illustration that we recently highlighted on this board titled, “How Flabby Is Your Brain?”

7-17-2012 3-09-15 PM

Re-Pins: our way of thanking our fans on Pinterest by re-pinning images of Dell laptops and other products that they have used or added to their wishlist boards.

Heritage: an archive of images that takes you through Dell’s journey from its humble beginnings in 1984 as “PC’s Limited” to where we are now at Dell Inc. We dug through the archives to find old pictures, press clippings, and even some early product catalogs such as the Summer 1991 Dell product catalog, featured on the board.


Lifestyle: a representation of our personality, brand tenets, and core values, as well as a visual overview of how Dell enables customers to do more in various aspects of their lives. We also chronicle our presence at events such as SXSW (South by Southwest) and the Cannes Film Festival.

Entrepreneurship: snapshots from various startup and entrepreneurship-related initiatives that Dell and our partners support or have been involved in.

We look forward to adding more boards shortly, including one that enables the Dell Corporate Social Responsibility team to share stories about our charitable giving efforts, environmental initiatives, green packaging goals, etc. at Dell. What kinds of themes would you like us to feature on our Pinterest boards? Be sure to check out the Dell Pinterest page and give us your feedback on this post and on our Pinterest page at

About the Author: Devyani Sirur