Dell NativeEdge Accelerates AI Innovation at the Edge

Dell collaborates with NVIDIA, ServiceNow and Microsoft on NativeEdge.

In an era marked by the transformative influence of artificial intelligence, the strategic importance of edge is more apparent than ever. Today, Dell Technologies is announcing collaborations with NVIDIA, ServiceNow and Microsoft that enhance how businesses harness AI at the edge. We’re also introducing a new release of Dell NativeEdge, our edge operations software platform that offers an end-to-end, full-stack virtualized solution at the edge, streamlining the development, deployment and scaling of AI applications at the edge.

New Dell NativeEdge Collaborations to Simplify AI Application Deployment at the Edge

As part of the latest Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA announcements, we are expanding our strategic partnership with NVIDIA to enable and accelerate AI applications everywhere that customers need it. Dell NativeEdge is the first edge orchestration platform that automates the delivery of NVIDIA AI Enterprise,1 an end-to-end software platform that includes NVIDIA NIM and other microservices for development and deployment of production-grade applications.

For NVIDIA AI Enterprise customers, this collaboration combines NativeEdge, Dell’s edge operations software platform, with NVIDIA AI tools and SDKs. From video analytics with NVIDIA Metropolis, speech and translation with NVIDIA Riva, to optimized inferencing at the edge with NVIDIA NIM—we’ve got it covered with new deployment blueprints that automate the delivery of NVIDIA AI frameworks to edge devices and beyond.

This NativeEdge capability makes it easy for developers and IT operators to develop and deploy AI solutions automatically at the edge on NativeEdge Endpoints, powered by NVIDIA-accelerated computing. This innovation spans a wide range of use cases, such as visual analytics, industrial automation and personalized retail experiences—and we’re just getting started.

Dell NativeEdge and ServiceNow Create Industry’s First Closed-Loop Integration for the Edge¹

Building upon our partner ecosystem, Dell NativeEdge now integrates with ServiceNow’s Now Platform, simplifying AI application development and deployment at the edge. This integration enables businesses to efficiently extend IT operations from the core data center to the edge, offering an automated edge management solution that will span from Day 1 initial deployment to Day 2+ operations and beyond. With this closed-loop automation, our partnership will simplify the orchestration, management and workflow of edge computing resources, providing more efficient, agile and secure operations and service models for AI and other edge workloads across multiple industries.

Accelerating Edge Innovation with Azure Arc and Dell NativeEdge

The momentum at the edge is further amplified with our introduction of Azure Arc enablement automation by Dell NativeEdge. This new solution aims to improve the Azure customer experience and enhance security at the edge. The integration focuses on simplifying edge operations, advancing AI capabilities at the edge, and providing comprehensive protection with Zero Trust security principles. With the automation of Azure Arc enablement, NativeEdge enables customers to integrate Azure services into their environment effortlessly, bringing Azure’s cloud benefits such as automation and rapid deployment to the edge. Finally, NativeEdge optimizes the edge by creating curated deployment blueprints and using Azure Arc to simplify customer experience – for example, the deployment of Azure IoT Operations on Kubernetes.

Continued Momentum in the Industry ISV Ecosystem

To drive better business outcomes and edge use cases, we have introduced six new NativeEdge solutions for ISVs serving manufacturing, retail and digital cities. In particular, a new Unified Operations Center with Aveva solution enhances data management and citizen services by providing a 360-degree operational view for city planning. It integrates various city systems using Aveva’s expertise, Astrikos AI and Dell NativeEdge, offering a secure, data-driven approach to optimize urban management and infrastructure.

Dell NativeEdge Enhancements Improve Edge Application Performance, Scalability and Security

We’re announcing a new release of Dell NativeEdge that includes application deployment on bare-metal containers delivering better performance, scalability and security. We are introducing REST APIs for Dell NativeEdge to integrate into DevOps workflows and offering new tools (e.g., Visual Studio Code plugin) to help customers develop application integrations. In response to customer demand, we are now offering both NativeEdge software and NativeEdge Endpoints as a single monthly subscription with Dell APEX, providing an OpEx model for consumption.

Additionally, Dell has expanded edge infrastructure support with NativeEdge Endpoints, including Dell Precision workstations and additional PowerEdge servers, including the new PowerEdge T160 Server. A special highlight is the new PowerEdge T160. At just 17L, 42% smaller than its predecessor,2 it is ideal for small spaces such as retail stores.

Empowering Edge Transformation: Introducing New Edge Services

Finally, we are launching two new Edge Services—ProConsult Advisory Services for Edge and Infrastructure and Application Design Services for Edge. Dell Services experts will help assess your current state and build the edge strategy to reach desired state, as well as design the edge environment to maximize efficiencies, performance and ROI.

Learn more and start a NativeEdge Proof of Concept (PoC) within a day by contacting your Dell Account Executive. The future of AI at the edge is here, and we are helping you to be at the forefront, driving innovation and transformation for your customers.

1 Based on Dell analysis, May 2024.
2 Based on the dimensions and the respective volume that the PowerEdge T150 and T160 occupies. Actual results will vary, subject to change.

About the Author: Pierluca Chiodelli

Pierluca Chiodelli is currently Vice President Engineering Technology & Edge Portfolio Product Manager and Customer Operations. Pierluca’s organization is responsible for Edge Enterprise Dell Technologies roadmap and vision and strategic technical partners engagement across Dell Technologies. Previously Pierluca served has the VP, Engineering Technology for ISG CTO Dell Technologies Solutions where he created an organization that overseeded all the Joint Strategic Projects with VMware. He also been VP of Product Management for Storage Portfolio and Customer Operations where his organization oversaw the Portfolio Strategy for the Storage BU and led the technical resources across the major storage products. Pierluca has been with Dell Technologies since 1999, with experience in field support and core engineering across Europe and the Americas. Prior to joining Dell Technologies, he worked at Data General and as a consultant for HP Corporation. Pierluca holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Information Technology.