Dell: No business is too small for a First Server.

In today’s hyper connected world, small businesses
are deluged with data that is overwhelming their existing technology
infrastructures. To help these growing businesses thrive in the "Virtual Era"
where multi-media content, multiple access points and devices are the norm,
Dell last week introduced new server
and  this week adds a guide
for entrepreneurs
as they contemplate purchasing either their first server or
expanding their IT infrastructure with new servers.

An estimated two-thirds of small businesses use a desktop
as a server constraining themselves to a peer-to-peer network that restricts
productivity and collaboration. As a result, these small businesses have little
control over their data because everyone works on his or her own PC
independently thus some businesses find their attempts at team collaboration
end at 5 p.m., when everyone hits the "off" switch and heads home. These
small businesses generally perceive that a server is only for big businesses
and therefore too expensive to own and maintain.  However, the benefits of a server are too
valuable to ignore – servers foster collaboration and productivity through
anywhere / anytime access to critical files and applications as well as
centralized storage, data protection and improved security – while costing only
a few hundred dollars more than a desktop.

To help small businesses realize the benefits of a
networked environment Dell offers:

In fact, nearly 3,500 US small businesses have
benefited from First Server solutions since we launched them last year. But
don’t take our word for it, take a look at what a couple of our customers have
to say about how Dell First Server solutions have helped them grow and thrive:

  • "By moving from a desktop platform to
    a Dell server, we have improved the security and integrity of our patients’
    information." Newton Pena, CEO, Dr. Claudia
    Pena, DDS
  • "Accessibility of information is a big
    factor for us. With the new Dell server, our salespeople can get what they need
    and get it faster, sometimes accelerating sales by as much as a day." Glenn
    Strom, Sales Manager, Custom Fireside

To extend the discussion and find out why no
business is too small for a server-based network, small businesses are invited
to join Dell for a Tweet Chat on Monday, April 25, at Noon ET. The Tweet Chat
will offer a unique opportunity to Tweet with Dell enterprise expert Antonio Julio who’ll offer
real-time advice on how, why and when to invest in a server-based network.
Customers can participate by using hashtag #firstserver. And of course, don’t
forget to check out our First Server video – Paw & Order:

About the Author: Navneet Kaul