Dell Notebook Support – what our customers really think…

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"Dell is the company which deals with customer requests best"…"Dell shows its competitors how to repair notebooks and how to satisfy customers". Aren't these amazing quotes? Must come from a Dell executive or a PR guy, you think? In fact, these are from c't, one of the Germany’s leading computer magazines for IT professionals; from its recent article "A Question of Trust."

clip_image001How has c’t come to this conclusion? Actually, this is based on hard facts. Every year, c't conducts a comprehensive survey among its readers to find out how satisfied notebook users are with the service and support received from the key computer manufacturers in Germany.

As every year, we look forward to seeing this impartial analysis of our customers’ feedback. While last year's results were very good, this year was even better – no, actually it was excellent with customers ranking Dell as No.1; with 90% of customers being satisfied with our service and support overall. If you take a look at our Latitude and Vostro support, the scores are even higher with no less than 95% of satisfied customers.

At the end of the day a big part of selecting a technology vendor is about confidence in their products and services, so, we’re also pleased to see that the c’t customers ranked Dell as No. 1 when it comes to trust and brand loyalty. Against the long-term downward trend in the industry, Dell – along with Sony – has been able to improve loyalty scores step by step since 2003 and according to this survey and Dell is clearly leading the way today in Germany.

As you can imagine, such great scores don't appear from nowhere. In fact, they are a result of our continuous investments and focus on customer satisfaction and the ongoing improvement of our services organization. Let me be clear, we are not pretending to be perfect, simply to say that our long-term efforts are paying out now. We have a great team in place looking after our customers every day – and it is our customers who clearly appreciate our efforts.

Note: If you speak German, please check out these two short videos, especially the second one which summarizes the c't survey. It mentions Dell as the great example for excellent service right at the beginning, followed by (at 2:30) a top ten ranking with Dell being no.1 again. The video speaks for itself I guess, and you get the message even if you don't speak German.

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