Dell scores object storage partner: Scality added to SDS partner ecosystem

Ed. note: This post was authored by Mel Lewandowski, Product Consultant

IT organizations around the globe are facing exponentially larger volumes of data to store and manage than just a few years ago. Use cases such as content distribution, data archiving, streaming media and distributed computing involve large unstructured data workloads that have several challenging characteristics:

  • Rapid capacity and performance expansion
  • Multi-protocol data access
  • Distribution across multiple locations
  • Flexible data protection
  • High availability

In many cases, these massive data sets require advanced storage architectures in order to be managed efficiently.

While Network Attached storage (NAS) is typically used for large file-based workloads, object storage technology is emerging as an effective foundation for building and managing extremely large and extensible data repositories. Because it stores and manages data as objects, each with a unique identifier, object storage is an ideal solution for multi-petabyte storage in medical imaging, video production, and other high capacity/high volume file environments.

Realizing that many IT organizations need to solve the challenges associated with enormous amounts of unstructured data, Dell forged a relationship with Scality, an industry leading1 provider of object storage. The combination of the Scality RING software running on Dell enterprise-class PowerEdge 13th Generation Servers and Dell Storage connected with Dell Networking gives these customers a family of high capacity storage solutions that enable them to efficiently store and manage multiple petabytes of unstructured data.

The RING architecture leverages an object storage core designed to scale out linearly as a single distributed, protected  system capable of supporting multiple active sites, thousands of servers, hundreds of petabytes, and billions of objects.  With this new offering, enterprises can now benefit from Scality’s highly reliable, limitlessly scalable architecture combined with the innovation, quality, reliability and support they expect from Dell hardware.

Customer examples include:

  • Research into environmental and climate science requiring diverse modeling relying on 3D satellite images
  • Video catalog service enabling high quality access to video and audio across a range of devices

How do customers benefit from Scality and Dell working together?

  • Reduced risks – optimized sample configurations designed to optimally match Scality’s workload and needs with Dell servers, storage and networking to provide customers with performance and cost optimized configurations
  • Comprehensive and integrated hardware and software support
  • Sales teams that are cross-trained and work together to solve customer problems effectively

Today, Dell offers the industry’s broadest platform of SDS solutions by combining the industry’s leading SDS software with Dell PowerEdge and Dell Storage technology, sustained by Dell Services and Support, demonstrating Dell’s continuing focus on providing optimum solutions for our customers’ needs. We hope you can visit with us at Dell World this October to learn more about our SDS offerings and what the Dell Storage team is up to!

Sarah Vela

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