Unlock the Power of Your PC Ecosystem

Leveraging one strategic partner for PC ecosystem services generates more benefits for IT.

The PC is at the center of human achievement and productivity. It’s fundamentally how we get work done. When users can access their applications and the data they need with a PC that was purposely configured for them along with the right peripherals and accessories, delivered wherever they’re working from, their user experience is excellent, and they can be incredibly productive.

That’s a tall order for IT departments. Team members are working in more places than ever, with more diverse application and data needs, and security is an ever-present requirement. Meanwhile, anything that gets in the way of user experience gets in the way of productivity and providing business value back into the company.

IT departments in this hybrid world are faced with many challenges. From supporting the remote worker, managing deployments and optimizing PC health and performance, to securing everything, overseeing device utilization and ensuring responsible end of life – the list goes on and on. Add to that, IT departments often have limited resources and budget, meaning they must carefully prioritize to get the most bang for their buck.

Build a strategy that addresses these challenges with a PC ecosystem that drives efficiencies in IT operations. Then, go find a partner who has the means to build a complete solution, tailored for your needs.

A study by IDC shows there is significant value in leveraging one outside strategic partner for PC-related services to fill in gaps and extend the capabilities of your staff, instead of relying on separate vendors for each service task.

Many organizations find the more services they buy from a single vendor – whether project management, physical/remote deployment and redeployment, imaging, application configuration and installation, proactive support or asset recovery and disposal – the better the employee experience they can deliver.

So, when you think about how best to balance all that needs to be done and think about leveraging a single strategic service provider who can do more, think of Dell. With award-winning service capabilities that offer customers the highly skilled resources, expertise and complete solutions that enable a more productive workforce, we help deliver best-in-class experiences that drive better business value.

Last week at Dell Technologies World, we announced the expansion of two key service capabilities into new regions, addressing more customer needs around the world.

    • Dell Connected Provisioning. Imagine a customer could get their new Dell PC preloaded from the factory with everything the user needs to do their job, including all their apps, tools and security. Now imagine the IT department can update that payload, in real time from the cloud. Whenever the device needs an upgrade to software or a new security patch deployed, they go right to our factory and on to the next computer we build for them. We ship the PC straight to the user, wherever they work – whether in an office, store, their home or anywhere else. The user opens the box, removes the new PC and goes right to work. No lengthy staging process. No expensive manual deployment. Connected Provisioning is that solution.
    • Dell Lifecycle Hub. Imagine now a remote employee drops and breaks their PC. How soon can you get them a fully configured replacement device so they can quickly return to productivity? When employees leave the company, how effective is your organization at getting systems returned? When the devices return, do you refurbish these devices and reuse them for other employees? Device lifecycle management in a hybrid workplace imposes a huge burden on IT departments. Dell Lifecycle Hub addresses these use cases and more, improving employee experiences, optimizing device utilization and freeing IT to focus on business priorities.

Tune in to a recent webinar presentation to learn more about these capabilities and the many ways Dell Services makes it easier for our customers to deploy, support and manage their Dell PCs.

And contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you on your PC-related service needs and build a solution that solves your unique challenges.

*IDC White Paper, sponsored by Dell Technologies, “Lower Costs and Drive Better Outcomes with a Single Vendor for Multiple IT Services” April 2022 | IDC Doc. #US48941022.

Jefferson Raley

About the Author: Jefferson Raley

Jefferson looks after the global portfolio of end user device services. He has worked in the field of end-user computing for over two decades, with a special focus on automating IT services to increase user productivity and reduce costs. Jefferson has multiple patents for client deployment automation technologies. His team currently develops new services to help customers keep end users productive, reduce time-to-value of new systems and automate device management.