Dell Services Innovation Days 2010: Final Roundup

In this third and final blog post, here’s a round-up of the second day at Dell Services Innovation Days. James Franklin, Vice President, Business Intelligence for Dell, Inc kicked off the day talking about how Dell’s own IT organization is well down the road on a journey to fund investment in innovation at 50% of IT spend to enable it to respond – no matter what the business demand is.  Dell is underpinning this through standardizing, simplifying and automating to unlock enterprise efficiency.

Herr Meyer from DHL talked about how DHL is standardizing its client environment. With new technology, users will have access to corporate data and applications regardless of hardware platform

In his presentation, CIO of Audi Hungaria Motor kft., Herr Graf described innovation as generating value-add through successful implementation. He gave examples where IT and the business have been collaborating on projects to achieve stock reduction for Audi.

I caught up with Bernd Schafer, Partner and Managing Director from TPI Euro Sourcing Germany GmbH, who was at the event to present his view on trends in the sourcing market. “It’s important to have this kind of smaller event, where industry leaders feel comfortable exchanging strategic ideas in an environment of trust”, he said, “collaboration is a good thing.”

Complementing the theme of innovation, and with Audi AG and Daimler AG both at this year’s event, the new Audi A8 and Mercedes S 400 Hybrid cars – both featuring new levels of in-car computing and information systems were on display.

Dell also showcased it latest innovations in notebook and smartphone technology.  The newly-launched Dell Streak, generated a lot of interest among business users as an open platform for creating new business applications for their companies.

Dell Services Innovation Days 2010

Networking caption: Dell Services hosts with customers deep in discussion between sessions.

Dell Services with Daimler AG's Herr Pauler

Members of the Dell Services team with Herr Pauler, Director Information Technology Management Financial Services & Sales Europe, Daimler AG.

Streak at Dell Services Innovation Days 2010

Dell hosts and customers sampling the new Dell Streak Tablet

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