Dell Storage PS Series software keeps getting better

The Dell Storage PS Series recently received the IT Brand Pulse Market Leader  award for iSCSI Disk Arrays for the fifth year in a row.  Since we believe this award is the result of listening to customers and delivering new technology that meets their needs, the Dell development teams are continually working on ways to make sure it keeps getting better. This is evident in the recent release of Dell Storage PS Series Array Software 8.0 and the Dell Fluid File System v3 update for Dell EqualLogic FS7600/FS7610.

Array Software 8.0 offers enhanced features to help customers easily manage new and existing PS Series arrays, including space savings through compression of snapshots and replicas provided on a per-pool basis[1] and advanced Virtual Volumes integration that provides policy-based data services and data placement at the VM-level to streamline management, monitoring and data protection in conjunction with VMware ESX.  To improve replication processes, there is now multiple delegated spaces for a single replication partner and space borrowing for replication. An optional default daily snapshot can provide automatic protection of unprotected volumes. To improve storage management, Smart Tags allow users to “tag” volumes with descriptive metadata labels. In addition, Array Software 8.0 supports the FluidFS operational and functional improvements for client connectivity, diagnostics and file management.

The Dell EqualLogic FS Series FluidFS 3.0 update includes NAS Container Shrinking, Thin Provisioning and Cloning for more efficient management. It also offers data protection features such as access based enumeration, encryption of NFS traffic and secured LDAP.  In addition, multi-client subnet support optimizes access to FluidFS on large LAN networks and Rehydrate on Read improves access to data-reduced files that become hot again.

As part of the Dell PS Series all-inclusive software licensing, existing customers with a valid support contract can take advantage of the new features added to the comprehensive PS and FS Series software suite by downloading the software. Following these firmware releases, customers can take advantage of the updates to the Host integration tools (HIT) Kits for VMware, Microsoft and Linux as well as updates to the monitoring and analysis tool SAN HQ later this year (early production access versions are available now for the VMware, Microsoft and SAN HQ HIT kits). 

The Dell Storage PS6610 Series that is being shipped with Array Software 8.0, is also available now for customers who require ultra-dense, high-performing storage for their high-capacity workloads.  It is an ideal fit for customers that desire to consolidate mixed workloads, store video surveillance or pursue Big Data analytics.

Please talk to your Dell representative about your storage goals and challenges to help us keep getting better by meeting your needs – even as they grow and change. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest in storage technology. 

[1] Requires a PS6210 or (the newly released) PS6610 array within the pool 

About the Author: Nicole Werts Williams

Nicole Werts Williams is a Sr. Advisor supporting Server Solution Marketing at Dell, Inc with a focus on tower servers, modular infrastructure and storage components. Nicole has also served in the Storage Marketing Group at Dell covering the PS and SC Series lines. With over 15 years of experience in IT marketing spanning hardware software and services, Nicole has also held positions at IBM. She holds a MBA and a BA in English.