Introducing Certification on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for 5G Software

Accelerate deployment of 5G workloads with confidence through certification on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks.

This blog is co-authored by Abdul Thakkadi, Senior Director of Engineering, Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL).

Dell Technologies is proud to announce the launch of a new telecom certification program that aims to validate 5G software solutions on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks. This program will enable telecom software vendors to test and certify their 5G Core, OSS, BSS, vRAN and Open RAN software on Dell’s pre-integrated, pre-validated hardware and software packages that are based on open technologies and co-engineered with cloud platform partners such as Red Hat and Wind River.

insfrastructure blocks - telecom - 5g - Dell - Dell TechnologiesOne of the key challenges that telecom operators face in deploying 5G workloads is ensuring they run smoothly and reliably on the cloud infrastructure. This is especially important for 5G applications that require high performance, low latency and high availability, such as edge computing, IoT and AR/VR. However, testing and validating 5G software solutions on different cloud platforms and hardware configurations can be time-consuming, costly and complex.

That’s why we created the certification program, which accelerates the deployment of 5G workloads with confidence through certification on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks. By certifying 5G software solutions on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks, we ensure they are optimized and validated for the specific cloud platform and hardware combination on which they will run. This reduces the risk of compatibility and interoperability issues, improves the quality and performance of the 5G software solutions and simplifies the deployment and lifecycle management of the 5G workloads.

The Dell Telecom Certification Program will offer the following benefits to the telecom ecosystem:

    • Faster time to market. By leveraging Dell’s proven expertise and experience in cloud infrastructure, telecom software vendors can accelerate the development, testing and deployment of their 5G software solutions on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks. Dell will provide the necessary tools, resources and support to help vendors achieve the certification in a timely manner.
    • Greater confidence and reliability. By ensuring the 5G software solutions are compatible and interoperable with Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks, telecom operators can have greater confidence and trust in the performance, scalability and security of their 5G networks. We are reducing the risk of errors, failures and vulnerabilities that could compromise the quality and reliability of CSP networks when workloads are certified for deployment on Red Hat or Wind River Infrastructure Blocks. Dell will also provide ongoing updates and maintenance to keep the certified solutions aligned with the latest industry standards and best practices.
    • More choice and innovative differentiation. By supporting a wide range of 5G software solutions from different vendors, Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks offer more choice and flexibility to telecom operators who want to deploy 5G services and applications that meet their specific needs and requirements. By offering testing and certification on pre-integrated cloud stacks from Red Hat and Wind River across 5G Core, OSS, BSS and Open RAN, we help CSPs expedite customer acceptance of new telecom software.

The Dell Telecom Certification Program is open to all network equipment providers, independent software vendors and other telecom software vendors who want to certify their 5G software solutions on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks. And we’re proud to recognize the launch partners who have worked with us in developing this certification program and are the first to become Dell Technologies Telecom Certified on our Dell Telecom Infrastructure Block solution:

    • 6D Technologies – CANVAS 10.0: A cloud-native digital BSS system integrates future-generation technologies, including 5G, AI/ML Ops and more. CANVAS is driven by TM Forum’s Open API architecture and is ODA compliant, ensuring a quicker time-to-market.
    • Amdocs – Amdocs Policy: The “network brain” that manages and controls essential service characteristics (the “who, what, when, where and how”) of the 5G network. It enables CSPs to differentiate, and therefore monetize, the expanding characteristics of the 5G network and to open new markets.
    • Casa Systems – 5G Expansion Suite: A 5G standalone (SA)-compliant solution designed to coexist and complement the CSP’s existing core network that not only expands the capabilities and flexibility of the core but also unlocks a multitude of new 5G use cases, revenue streams and profitability opportunities.
    • Expeto – Gateway V2.0: A telecom-hosted service that gives enterprise customers centralized management with visibility and control of connected assets across hybrid mobile networks, public and private. Seamlessly bridging cloud and edge, CSPs can rapidly add new enterprise customers on a scalable, repeatable platform.
    • MATRIXX Software –A cloud native, real-time digital monetization solution that improves customer experience, accelerates innovation, facilitates revenue generation and increases operational efficiencies/reduces costs to serve in a unified platform across customer and partner types, services and payment methods.

The Certification on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks program is part of Dell’s commitment to empower the telecom industry with the best-in-class cloud infrastructure solutions for 5G. By collaborating with the telecom software vendors and the cloud platform partners, Dell aims to deliver a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of 5G software solutions that can run on Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks, enabling telecom operators to transform their networks and unleash the full potential of 5G.

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To learn more about the Dell Telecom Certification Program and how to apply, please visit our website or contact us.

Ryan McMeniman

About the Author: Ryan McMeniman

Ryan McMeniman is the Director of Product Management for the Open Telecommunications Ecosystem Lab (OTEL). With over his 25 years of telecom experience, Ryan has held product and marketing roles for many of the industry’s most innovative start-ups and established large vendors. Ryan and his family reside in Massachusetts, where he is very involved in community activities.