Dell Talks, Analysts Listen—and Tweet

Turns out analysts really like to share. We didn’t know quite how much until we invited them to Dell’s Annual Industry Analyst Conference (#DAAC), held this week in downtown Austin. The attendees went from telling their audiences what our executives were saying to receiving tweets from Michael Dell himself, then tweeting about his tweets.

Soon the Twitter conversations were transforming the conference itself, prompting even more answers from Dell’s leaders, customers and partners about how Dell is empowering IT organizations to achieve their full potential. It was great to see the conversations in the room echoed so strongly outside of the room. We were delighted by the overwhelmingly positive discussion and feedback from analysts online validating our enterprise strategy and recognizing our success in providing end to end solutions scaled to meet the needs of companies of every size.

Rather than summarize, I’ll let you read analysts’ tweets “storified” on the full event recap here.

About the Author: Frank E. Smith