Dell Technologies @ MWC 2019 – A Preview

With MWC 2019 right around the corner, 5G promises richer experiences for consumers and opportunities for service providers. But this is no simple evolution from 4G. This is a massive transformation.

5G demands new distributed architectures that leverage software-defined infrastructure to automate the delivery of mobile services, and new embedded intelligence and analytics-driven telemetry to ensure consistent service levels. This new dynamic changes the traditional Telco vendor ecosystem of bespoke single-purpose devices and software, and opens it to new entrants with multi-purpose, standards-based offers leveraging common APIs.

This once-in-a-decade transformation of the mobile platform will manifest itself along 4 main vectors:

  • Digital Transformation – monetization of data analytics and artificial intelligence. Whether we talk about autonomous vehicles, augmented reality or IoT, at the core of just about every 5G business case is the need to transport, aggregate, process and react to massive amounts of data collected from an exploding number of smart “things.” For the first time in any of the “G” evolutions, we are witnessing a use-case driven network upgrade focused on digital services as the foundation of future revenues.
  • IT Transformation – modernizing infrastructure to support automated processes. New use-cases are great, but they cannot be realized by doing what has always been done – building proprietary, vertically integrated networks that are opaque to services and infrastructure operations. It’s a multi-cloud future where C-RAN, edge, telco and public clouds are fully integrated, and real-time telemetry and automation help build and manage real-time services.
  • Workforce Transformation – providing the tools and skills for operations to take advantage of the new infrastructure capabilities. IT Transformation is only as successful as the workforce capable of taking advantage of it. Cloud native, horizontal 5G networks won’t be operated in the same way that proprietary, vertically integrated 4G networks were. Mobility and networking experience are no longer sufficient – operational “excellence” will integrate this domain knowledge with data science and computer science skill sets.
  • Security Transformation – integrating natively into all services and processes, rather than as an overlay. These foundational shifts to the services, infrastructure and workforce cannot be done in isolation of a security transformation. Networking and security are evolving in tandem, and 5G is a beneficiary of that evolution. We see security as both an opportunity to monetize the 5G network with unique Security-as-a-Service offerings but also as a foundational overlay to all services, infrastructure and processes.

Together, these new requirements include solutions that are:

  • Open, standards based
  • “Cloudified” – multi-cloud
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Virtualized
  • Automated
  • Edge-enabled

All of these are well known and well understood concepts in the data center, where Dell Technologies has helped customers thrive for decades. From device to edge to core to cloud, capabilities must be omnipresent and ubiquitous – and Dell Technologies plays a critical role in all of those, with the most comprehensive portfolio of validated and customized solutions designed to support 5G and edge deployments.

Partnering with Dell Technologies helps reduce time to market with next-generation platforms, consulting resources and global execution. This trusted partnership allows Dell Technologies to meet any customer’s needs, regardless of business evolution.

The flexibility of deploy-anywhere edge computing brings enhanced optimization to IoT, EUC and SP edge through our purpose-built infrastructure solutions and tightly coupled software from VMware, giving increased visibility, manageability, deployment flexibility and global services and support to these data-rich environments.

I encourage you to spend some time at the Dell Technologies and VMware booth – in Hall 3, Stand 3M11. Allow me to provide a quick overview of some of the opportunities for you.

  • Participate in product demos and ask our experts
    Check out our VR drone demo and learn more about 50+ uses cases including network slicing, Project Dimension, virtual cloud networking, hardware acceleration, unified endpoint management, Telehealth and much more
  • Discover the power of Dell and VMware
    Come and view our Super Screen which will display our validated suite of solutions that can accelerate your journey to 5G, while preparing you for edge-to-edge success in the future
  • Interact with our edge and IoT touchscreen
    Experience cities of the future in a 5G world as well as an IoT industry showcase where we’ll display solutions in key verticals
  • Visit our 5G Immersion Room
    Experience 5G in action through product simulations that highlight incredible opportunities for your business
  • Tour our Micro Modular Data Center
    Experience the capabilities and deployment flexibility of these self-contained units designed with the security, environmental and performance capabilities to be placed in remote locations where real estate space is limited

Come see all of these edge, 5G and IoT capabilities in action and meet our experts at the MWC 2019 Barcelona Hall 3 Stand 3M11; or go here for an update on associated webinars, video series or to schedule an-in person meeting.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona. Safe travels.

About the Author: Tom Burns