Dell Wyse Customers Descend on VMworld 2012

VMworld has always been an important show for Wyse and will continue to be for Dell Wyse. Not simply as a great chance to showcase our desktop virtualization and cloud client computing solutions, but as a great opportunity for us to spend some quality time with our customers.

At VMworld 2012, Dell Wyse will be hosting a series of events to share our vision with customers, as well as to hear their stories and feedback. Stop by our booth (#1523), follow us on Twitter @Wyse) and check the blog for updates and event schedules.

For everyone else that's not (yet!) a Dell Wyse customer, the following are some examples of customers who have deployed Dell Wyse solutions. Click the following link to see all VMworld 2012-related posts from Dell.

Jewelry Television

Jewelry Television (JTV) has grown to become one of the largest retailers of jewelry in the world. Approximately, 500 call center reps (CSRs) handle more than 6 million calls annually and tens of thousands per day during peak holiday season. As a broadcast company with a strong focus on customer care, JTV wants their CSRs to have access to the same information as their customer. With VMware View, Dell Wyse V10L thin clients with TCX virtualization software and Dell 6850 servers, the CSRs now have access to the TV broadcast via a live stream to their virtual desktops using multimedia redirection.

“We evaluated thin clients from multiple vendors and it quickly became clear that the Dell Wyse thin clients were the right solution for us. This technology coupled with VoIP technology will save us time and money in the form of easier administration and equipment savings.”

Chris Meystrik, CTO, Jewelry Television

Brown Shoe

Brown Shoe puts more than 100 million pairs of shoes on the feet of women, men, and children around the world each year. Its shoe brands—including Dr. Scholl’s, Naturalizer, and Via Spiga—are sold through partnerships with department stores, national chains, and independent retailers, as well as through its own retail stores, catalogs, and e-commerce sites, including Famous Footwear and To compete in the fast-moving footwear fashion market, the company must keep costs low, maintain high productivity, and stay agile across all its operations.

For Brown Shoe, the combination of Dell hardware and SAN infrastructure, VMware View and ESX servers, Dell Wyse V10L and C10L thin clients and Dell Wyse Device Manager (WDM) has proven it can deliver what the company needs to keep IT costs lows.

“I could sell VDI to my management just on the maintenance savings and increased productivity that we’ve seen in every implementation. But we’ve also proven that VDI helps us respond more quickly to the changing needs of the business. All together, it makes VDI an easy decision for Brown Shoe.”

Kevin Baldus, Manager of Client and Communications Services, Brown Shoe

Western Wayne School District

As school districts are trying to do more with less, Western Wayne turned to desktop virtualization to rethink how computing is delivered at this Pennsylvania school district. The motivation: to place more computers in the hands of students and teachers while spending less. Western Wayne re-engineered its technical infrastructure with VMware View, Dell Wyse R50L, S10, X90L thin clients and Dell EqualLogic™ PS5000 and PS4000 series iSCSI SANs, Dell PowerEdge™ R710 servers with Intel® Xeon® 5690 series and Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers

with Intel Xeon processors. The project has freed up money that now goes toward implementing cutting-edge technology applications, such as video conferencing, interactive white boards, and art and music software, that benefit the entire academic community.

VMware View and Dell Wyse thin clients are taking our entire district to a new level. VMware and Dell Wyse have shown that their teamwork and innovation is one of a kind. For any school or university that has wondered whether thin clients can make their IT arm a more efficient department— all while saving time, money and energy—the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’”

Brian Seaman, Director of Technology, Western Wayne School District

About the Author: Allison Darin