Deploy persistent virtual desktops starting at $350 per user in just over one hour

Back in July, Dell launched the Dell Appliance for Wyse – vWorkspace.

Based on a Dell PowerEdge R730 (rack) or a T630 (tower) server, this appliance is targeted for smaller groups who want the benefits of VDI in a solution that is right-sized, easily procured and quickly deployed. It is also well suited for larger organizations launching a pilot to prove the value of VDI prior to expansion. Customers can choose between virtualized application delivery (RDSH) for up to 300 users, or persistent and non-persistent VDI for up to 200 users. The appliance arrives with all the software installation files ready to be installed and configured, along with online software guides and installation support. Just plug in the appliance and start configuring your VDI environment using the “quick start tool” (QST), a configuration wizard enabling fast deployment of new virtual desktops in about one hour.

In the last three months, Dell engineers have further optimized the appliance configuration process and qualified it for the latest version of the connection broker software, Dell Wyse vWorkspace 8.6. In light of these improvements, today we are announcing the following enhanced benefits for the appliance:

  1. Deploy persistent virtual desktops starting at $350 per user, which is $70 lower than the previous edition1. This cost savings is enabled by vWorkspace 8.6 which now supports full clone provisioning with Microsoft Hyper-V. A single, readily expandable appliance can support 200/160/130 users depending on the chosen VDI workload: standard/enhanced/professional2. This accelerated video provides step-by-step details how easy and fast a general IT admin can deploy virtual desktops in about 70 minutes using the unique “quick start tool”3.
  2. Support up to 300 users per appliance for as low as $225 per user when implementing application delivery with RDSH1. In this case, it will take less than one hour to deploy application virtualization3.
  3. The appliance is now also available with a pilot configuration, supporting up to 125 users for application delivery or 100/75/60 users2 for VDI. This makes your proof of concept (POC) or pilot that much affordable.
  4. Take advantage of new features in vWorkspace 8.6 such as:
    • Faster, improved and localized connectors which make it easier for an end user to connect to their virtual desktop
    • A native connector for endpoints running Google Chrome OS or Windows 10
    • The ability to drag-and-drop files from a Windows PC to a virtual desktop
    • And more.

Future developments on the appliance will include the ability to scale-out to up to 5,000 users and to implement high availability (HA), allowing for continuous operation in case an element fails.

For more information, read the appliance architecture on our TechCenter or learn about the Wyse vWorkspace application and desktop virtualization software. Visit , or contact us to learn more.


1 price per user is based on list price for the infrastructure, using the Standard workload: it includes a Dell PowerEdge R730 server, software (Windows Server, Microsoft SQL and vWorkspace), infrastructure licenses, 3 years support and maintenance. It excludes the endpoint and potentially associated licenses (VDA licenses, Software Assurance).


2 user density depends on the VDI workload: standard/enhanced/professional, per definition from Login VSI. Please refer to the Appliance Architecture document for details.


3 the deployment times mentioned here are minimums. The times can vary drastically for both delivery models depending on the applications being installed in the templates and for VDI, the number of desktops being deployed will affect overall deployment time.

About the Author: Nicolas Cuendet