Developing Relationships: A French Press Can Go a Long Way

Recently on my blog on, I wrote about customer appreciation.
You know, making sure your customers know you think they’re all that
and a bag of wasabi potato chips. But what about your contacts? Isn’t
it just as important to let them know you care?

I’ve been blogging here on Dell’s Small Business Blog for a few
months. I do it out of love of Dell and entrepreneurship. I don’t get
paid. So imagine my surprise when Kara Krautter, who runs this blog,
sent me a special thank you gift. Check out the video:

I was so excited. And it’s nice to be appreciated. So think about
ways you can show your contacts you’re thinking of them. It doesn’t
have to be a grand effort. Here are some ideas:

  • If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, take the time to look over a
    contact’s page. See what they’re up to and comment on their page. Show
    that you’re paying attention.
  • Send a Starbuck’s card. Even $5 will get a smile.
  • Take someone to lunch. Who doesn’t love free lunch and good conversation?
  • If you find a blog post or article that you think a contact will like, send it to them.
  • Send a quick email just checking in. No motive.
  • Send a handwritten letter or thank you card.
  • Refer business to the contact.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much. Think about the things others have done to make you feel special. Care to share?

About the Author: Susan Payton