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Introducing VMware Cloud Director™ on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform

Dell EMC and VMware are excited to offer a reference architecture for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) based on the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) and VMware Cloud Director. This reference architecture is ideal for CSPs looking to offer secure, multi-tenant, private and hybrid cloud services to SMB and enterprise customers.

Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail) enables CSPs to host virtual data centers for customers needing private and hybrid cloud in a self-service model. Using the reference architecture, CSPs could deploy VMware Cloud Director, a cloud service-delivery platform, on DTCP to assist in operating and managing successful cloud-service businesses.

VMware Cloud Director on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) allows a CSP to reduce engineering, operational, and capital costs by providing a standardized, pre-integrated, but multi-purpose hardware platform model with secure multi-tenancy and customer self-service. This reference design guide simplifies and standardize deployment of VMware Cloud Director on DTCP. This enables the CSP to reduce capital expenditures and better manage just in time provisioning services, resulting in an improved customer experience.

Dell Technologies Cloud Platform delivers a turnkey experience that’s easy to deploy and manage due to the tight integration between VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and VxRail. DTCP today can be purchased using traditional CAPEX model or subscription model, an added benefit of the DTCP subscription model is the availability of certain fixed configurations for pre-configured nodes that can be delivered and deployed in as little as 14 days¹ -accelerating CSPs to cloud service offers. Instead of waiting for weeks or months of procurement, relying on adding and hiring technical experts to build new infrastructure, CSPs can promote DTCP as a CSP managed service so their customers can focus on their workloads.

Cloud Service Providers who consume VMware Cloud Foundation using VMware point consumption model only pays for what they consume monthly. This combined with flexible hardware models is a win for Cloud Service Providers and a win for their customers as these savings can be passed on allowing for more competitive pricing and time to market for new services.

CSPs can now delight customers by helping them deploy and scale in days with a consistent cloud service foundation engineered by industry leaders Dell Technologies and VMware. With managed services on DTCP, CSP customers can consume the latest high-performance technology, such as all flash for HCI, without investing in the physical infrastructure, and rest assured that the latest updates are always applied to their cloud environments.

CSPs will accelerate time to market of their multi-tenant solution and drive revenue growth with improved service delivery to end customers with VMware Cloud Director on DTCP. Key differentiators with this reference architecture include:

  • Securely isolate resources, users, compute, memory, and storage.
  • Provide tenants self-service application, compute, networking and storage offerings without developing a complicated solution in-house.
  • Provide key CSP capabilities including charge-back, show-back, telemetry, and reporting for tenant usage.
  • Support a broad range of workloads; from database and data mining systems to traditional Windows web servers and application servers as well as the latest Kubernetes cluster services and container services.
  • Reduce the time to deploy and provision customer environments – minutes for virtual data centers. Services can be deployed and configured in seconds.
  • Tenants can experience reliable and consistent cloud services across on-prem and off-prem instances through a trusted Cloud Service Provider backed by the power of VMware and Dell Technologies.

Here are examples of how partners are benefiting by deploying VMware Cloud Director on DTCP. The bottom line is more dollars to CSP businesses and improved business efficiency & agility.

Immedion – 80% reduction in day-to-day activities via automation. Servers deployed and configured in seconds. Virtual machines deployed in minutes.

T-Systems – development of new revenue streams with managed services and consulting resulting in 75% YoY growth.

In a recent analysis conducted by IDC on behalf of VMware, the following high level benefits were reported by CSPs who consume VMware Cloud Director

Source: IDC Business Value Snapshot sponsored by VMware 2020

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¹ Applies to select fixed node configurations, contact your sales representative for details. Customer credit approval, site survey and configuration workbook must be completed before order is placed. Excludes orders over 24 nodes, VMware NSX configuration, vRealize (vRA, vRO) components, and some other features. Product availability, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. US only.

About the Author: Lucas Nguyen

With over 25 years in the industry, Lucas Nguyen is a seasoned contributor to the storage and virtualization industries. At Dell Technologies, Lucas focuses on building joint solutions for Cloud Service Providers who offer cloud services.