Driver Updates for Latitude XT Customers: Fixes for iTunes and More

You may have seen reports from some folks like Engadget and Rob Bushway, or from Dell customers like manquaman and jloudoun, about issues they've had with the digitizer and iTunes or things like video driver crashes.

Many of you have reported to us on your Latitude XT where the digitizer stops working after installing iTunes. Dell has been working closely with Gear Software, one of the vendors powering iTunes. We were able to nail down the cause of the problem together with Gear, and they have released an updated driver—download it here from Gear Software. We expect that this driver will be integrated into a future version of iTunes. I’ll update this post when that’s the case. 

We have also released updated ATI Video drivers which address several issues, including video driver crashes and issues with Pen Calibration. The ATI drivers can be found here on Be sure to select the OS you are running and then click the Video category.

Soon we will be releasing updated N-Trig digitizer driver bundles. These bundles will have improvements in the Multi-Touch Gestures support introduced last year as well as a number of issue fixes and performance improvements.  Check back for details.

Thanks again for supporting Dell, leading multi-touch Technology into the future.

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About the Author: Hans Eilers