efibootmgr v0.5.4

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efibootmgr is a tool for systems with EFI and UEFI BIOS running Linux, to edit the EFI Boot Manager  boot option list from within Linux.

efibootmgr v0.5.4 is released now.  This is a minor update to 0.5.3 that most distributions have, cleanups and incorporating a few patches that the distros were carrying (Debian, Fedora, openSUSE shouldn't have any pending patches in their packages anymore, if you do please send them to me).

Note, in Fedora rawhide, and what I plan for RHEL 6, efibootmgr is no longer included in the elilo package, but is split into its own RPM. This enables the replacement of elilo with a UEFI-aware grub boot loader instead.

Note: there is now a GIT tree available.

git clone http://linux.dell.com/git/efibootmgr.git/

Changelog since 0.5.3:

Doug Chapman (1):
      patch to make efibootmgr have non-zero exit code on errors

Matt Domsch (11):
      apply patch from Dave Jiang to enable cross-building
      add -lz to libs, needed when libpci happens to need it
      cleanup exit values a little
      cleanup a few unaligned access warnings
      avoid more unaligned access warnings
      make sure GPT_HEADER_SIGNATURE is a 64-bit value
      src/lib/efi.c: include linux/types.h
      Makefile cleanups
      RPM spec rewrite for Fedora inclusion
      replacing elilo < 3.6-6, not -5
      update ChangeLog

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