Empower the Workforce with Personalized Experiences (Infographic)

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Workers want their work experiences to take a page from the consumer world with rich features and functionality that are personalized and super easy to use. The line is blurring between which tools are used at work and at home. It’s no longer of a matter of “good enough”.

Enrich Worker Experiences or Risk Losing Talent

A new generation of digital natives is poised to step into the workplace, Gen Z – born in the mid-1990s and beyond. According to the study Gen Z: The Future Has Arrived, 91% of Gen Zers, say the technology offered by an employer would be a factor in choosing among similar job offers. The trend is clear – delivering a unique and productive worker experience is becoming essential. To attract and retain talent, organizations must create a better work experience.

4 Tools and Techniques to Create Change

  • Personas are the foundation of workforce transformation
  • Leverage robust worker profile data to create personalized experiences
  • Enterprise user experience applies consumer techniques to enterprise applications
  • Focus on adoption and change management for long term rewards

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About the Author: Matthew Roberts

Matt Roberts has been with Consulting Services since 2006. Collaborating with customers for so many years to enable their employees to just get work done, he has a unique perspective on how best to leverage technology that spans Dell’s strategically aligned businesses, the Microsoft ecosystem, and other third party software to achieve real workforce transformations for clients. Matt is passionate about digital transformation, modernizing digital app experiences and developing solutions that make the digital workplace as productive, engaged, and connected as possible. With 20+ years of software and consulting experience, his career has focused on Digital and Web/App Development. He has broad digital strategy, solution and technology architecture expertise; with specific depth in portal, collaboration, digital/web, content mgmt., search, and ITSM solutions.
Topics in this article