Entrepreneurs respond to opportunities and challenges in the current climate

LCCI Briefing, Steve Felice, DELL 7/9/10I had the pleasure of speaking to the London Chamber of Commerce this week. Standing in front of nearly a hundred UK business people, I was struck by the common needs and issues facing smaller businesses in the UK and across the globe. In fact, this event almost didn't happen at all – it came in the middle of a London-wide Underground train strike which might have kept a less committed audience at home. The Chambers membership weren't going to let that get in the way of them discussing with me the role technology can play in supporting their business success.

We talked broadly about how smaller businesses around the world are responding to the opportunities and challenges of the current climate. Then we discussed three main technology trends I see playing a vital role in supporting entrepreneurs meet their ambitions – virtualization, cloud computing and social media. All play a key role in any successful technology strategy for smaller businesses. Particularly for those businesses that are looking to the future and want to make their technology investment work harder for them.

I first spoke about these as key trends driving technology in smaller businesses over six months ago – but I remain convinced that they are as important today as they were then. While there is plenty of evidence of growing take up as I meet customers, there is still plenty of scope for other businesses to really benefit from the potential these technologies offer.

It is always very motivating to meet with business people at these Chamber events. I try to do them regularly. Smaller businesses and the entrepreneurs who run them, are the source of innovation in any economy. Supporting them and helping them to grow and succeed is key to sustainable economic recovery or maintaining growth. Dell has the privilege of helping more of these entrepreneurs and businesses than most – getting a chance to meet with them and discuss their ambitions and concerns is always an invigorating experience.

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