Entry Level VNXe + Enterprise-Level Replication = New Possibilities

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Since the introduction of the VNXe3200 less than a year ago, this advanced new storage platform from EMC has continued to attract new customers as well as industry accolades, including the #1 ranking from Computer Reseller News in the SMB Storage category.  Now, the introduction of new data replication features further expands capabilities for a broad range of VNXe3200 customers.

Protect Your VNXe Environment
For organizations using VNXe3200 as their primary storage platform, Native Block Replication from VNXe to VNXe enables deployment of disaster recovery that protects against system and site-related outages.  With native replication users can deploy a solution that is fully integrated with VNXe Unisphere Manager, and requires no additional components for group-consistent replication.  This flexible solution also supports one-to-many and many-to-one topologies for organizations with more than two VNXe3200 systems to connect.

Disaster Recovery for Multiplatform Environments
Customers with VNXe3200 systems supporting their edge applications, and with VNX, VNXe3200, VMAX or CLARiiON systems at the core can now take advantage of the advanced features provided by RecoverPoint, EMC’s multiplatform replication solution. RecoverPoint Advanced Protection provides synchronous as well as asynchronous replication and includes the Virtual RecoverPoint Appliance (vRPA).  Customers also have the option of using the RecoverPoint hardware appliance for Fibre Channel connectivity.

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Application Protection with Service Level Simplicity
Either the Native Block Replication or RecoverPoint solutions can be enhanced by the addition of EMC AppSync which now supports the VNXe3200, and integrates snapshot as well as replication functions with VMware and with Microsoft and Oracle application protection.  AppSync delivers simplified, user-driven management combined with service level-based protection, providing one button protection for business-critical applications.

New Features Add Big Value for Customer and Channel
EMC’s customers and channel partners are excited about the additional value and expanded opportunity that these new features represent:

“The addition of native block replication in the new EMC VNXe 3200 is a great new feature for us.  This new capability is simple to configure and meets the majority of our offsite replication needs, making the new EMC VNXe 3200 a perfect fit for our workloads requiring asynchronous replication.”
Brandon Robinson | Executive Director of Network Services, ACES®

“EMCs announcement of VNXe3200 block level replication brings enterprise level replication functionality to (the) SMB market. Customers can now leverage this proven technology for mission critical and virtualized applications.”
Seife Teklu, Solutions Architect, Arrow

Learn More
You can see these new replication features in action by tuning in to the VNXe Replication update video.

Visit the EMC Store to find out more about the VNXe3200 and the new features described here.  Get product information and specs, download documentation and even get a quote on a system configured to fit your needs.

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