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We don’t believe that environmental leadership is defined by how many awards we win.  And when we are recognized we know it doesn’t mean our journey to sustainability is complete. Occasionally, when we are awarded, we do like to celebrate the Dell teams that make it possible.

Last week we were honored to receive the Commendation for Reporting on Product Stewardship for our 2007 Sustainability Report from Ceres and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).  Our Sustainability team was on hand at the Ceres annual conference to receive the award and we also hosted our latest stakeholder feedback forum with 40 non-governmental (NGO) and socially responsible investor participants.  We expect the 2008 Sustainability Report will be ready in mid-June.  You can see details about our recycling programs which underscore our product stewardship efforts here.

A few months ago, Working Mother magazine recognized Dell as one of the Best Green Companies for America’s Children.  Earlier this week, Mark Newton is presenting on Dell’s environmental programs to a virtual conference organized by Working Mother media.  It’s one more way we are partnering with customers, stakeholders and members of the Regeneration in sharing what we’ve learned from our own efforts to be environmentally responsible.

We are thankful for the recognition, and thankful for a customer base that pushes us to do more.

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Topics in this article