EPA Praises Dell for Recycling Achievements

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In case you missed it, our recycling program received kudos yesterday from the EPA, specifically
our partnership with Staples
that allows our U.S. customers to bring old Dell equipment to their local Staples store
for free recycling
. We are
always exploring ways to make responsible recycling of electronics easier for
everyone, and our partnership with Staples is just one piece of our overall program.
As readers of this blog know, we've teamed with Goodwill Industries to bring you the Reconnect Partnership, an ever-expanding
program which turns your local Goodwill into a free electronics recycling
center. We are also partnering with the National Cristina Foundation,
which takes donated IT equipment and directs it to schools, charities and
public agencies across the United States and Canada. In return for your
donation, you will be issued a coupon good for future purchases with Dell. All
this is in addition to our own industry-leading
free global recycling program

Tod Arbogast, our global head of Sustainable Business, joined
industry colleagues yesterday at the Consumer
Electronics Show
for a discussion on recycling topics and trends facing the

Put simply, diverting IT equipment from landfills is critically
important. As awareness of this issue increases, we hope that
more and more IT companies will join us in offering free recycling to consumers
worldwide. The benefits are twofold. Not only is this equipment being diverted
from the landfill, but we can set an example for other industries to follow.

We accept the EPA's recognition with humility, especially
considering that a large part of our recycling program's success comes as a result
of the hard work and brilliant ideas of our customers and partners. We
thank you for this and encourage your continued participation in the
conversation. For our own part, we offer several online tools and forums to
facilitate the dialogue (in addition to the comments section of this blog).
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. Stay tuned. 2009 is going
to be a very busy year for Dell's recycling program and we've got more big news
on the horizon.

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Topics in this article