Eved: Investing in Women is a Winning Strategy for Dell

Although Dell has outgrown its humble beginning – Dell was founded in Michael Dell’s dorm room in 1984 – the entrepreneurial spirit that launched the global company prevails.

Dell’s dedication to entrepreneurialism has grown and evolved over the years but the support for young enterprises has never waned. Today, Michael Dell is even the UN’s Global Advocate for Entrepreneurship. With expanding entrepreneur-related goals came a focus on new segments of the startup world.

Three attendees of the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network 2016 event

Although women make up 50 percent of the global workforce and market, they lack equal access to capital and networks for building their businesses. By 2010, Dell launched the Dell Women’s Entrepreneurs Network (DWEN), an invitation-only network that connects female entrepreneurs and leaders to share strategies for success.

Today, DWEN is succeeding in its mission of accelerating the powerful role that women play in driving global economic growth.

Talia Mashiach, the founder, CEO and product architect of Eved, joined DWEN in 2014. Eved is an event commerce solutions platform. She had identified a problem – the lack of visibility within large corporations for event planning spend – and solved it.

When Talia joined DWEN, Dell was having the very problem that Eved intended to solve. We were losing track of event spend, event managers were wasting extra time on manual processes by work across multiple tools.  This was shifting focus from their main objective– creating memorable events.

I met Talia at a DWEN networking event and saw the opportunity. We became Eved’s first enterprise client. With Eved, we automated the event planning workflow and created higher visibility into spending, which in turn saves us money.

Dell’s core value is to enable human potential through innovative technology. Working with passionate entrepreneurs, like Talia, is the right business strategy for Dell. She is using technology to solve a problem and improve performance.

Dell’s partnership with Talia and Eved emphasizes how programs like DWEN that support entrepreneurs can create economic growth by helping businesses scale. One of the most important things we can do is be among their first large customers.

Check out the video to learn more about Eved and Dell’s partnership with Talia. You can also visit the 2016 Annual Report to Customers page for more on Eved and DWEN.

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About the Author: Jeanne Trogan