Congratulations to Facebook Graffiti Winners

Those of you who have been following the Facebook/ReGeneration Graffiti contest should be interested to know that out of the almost 4,900 entries that were submitted, five very talented artists and one writer have been chosen as the winners.  After more than a half a million votes were entered by the Facebook community for their favorite entries, whittling the total number of entries down to just 150 incredible submissions, our judges had the arduous task of picking the winners, and from the looks of the top 150, they had some very tough decisions to make. 

Here are the winners for each category in the graffiti competition.  The Best Overall winner will be receiving a green Inspiron laptop, and the winners in the remaining categories each will get Dell 22' Ultrasharp Widescreen Flat Panel Monitors:

Best Overall:

Nick Tustin (USA)

Show Us How You Can Improve the Environment Now:

John Calder (Canada)

Creative Vision of a Green Future:

Anna Leychenko (USA)

Most Inventive Green Technology:

Benjamin Rennich (Canada)

Sustainable Arhitecture:

Craig Nolin (Canada)

The artists were also encouraged to submit text entries expounding upon themes from their art entries.  Another green Inspiron was thrown in for the best text entry to sweeten the pot, and we got some insightful, imaginative and inspiring pieces as a result.  The winner was no exception with his interpretation of a classic Japanese haiku that encapsulated the spirit of the ReGeneration movement beautifully.

Best Text Entry:
“The old pond;
a frog jumps in –
the sound of water.
– Matsuo Basho

For me, it is not just going green, it is going back to green. This famous Japanese haiku has a zen peace that is in essence the color green. An overgrown mossy pond, an olive green frog, and even the splashy sound of green. Now if we can truly regain the reverence and respect the ancients had for our world, we can then move forward and actually go green.”

Kevin Todd (USA)

Congratulations to all the winners, and big thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success.  The ReGeneration team has a lot of exciting stuff planned for the future, but we'd also like to hear your thoughts on what we should do next.  Stop by Cafe RE when you have a spare moment and share your green thoughts and ideas.  This movement belongs to all of us, after all. 

About the Author: Todd D