Firefox 3 Arrives

Not surprisingly, Firefox 3.0 is front and center on Techmeme right now. Lots of folks like Eric Shonfeld have blogged about the initial problems getting to the Download Day site. The main Firefox 3.0 download page is up and running—I just downloaded and installed the final version of Firefox from there. Initial reaction… it loads pages lightning fast. CNET has a good round-up of articles for folks that want to dig in a little deeper.

By the time I finished writing this post, the Download Day site is now up and running, but access was still sketchy. Click on this image to try to get there.

Update: Yesterday, Gina Trapani posted a solid list of tweaks for Firefox 3.0. Love the Shift+Delete tip to delete mis-typed URLs, and tweaked the my Awesome Bar to display 4 items.  Very cool.

Firefox 3 Download Day

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