First Retail Expansion in India, Sam’s Club Joins Plant a Tree for Me

Today we're launching our first retail expansion in India. We will offer certain XPS Cromoand Inspiron desktop and laptop products in Croma stores there.

Croma is a large chain of consumer electronics stores under the Tata Group umbrella. Beginning this week and into next month, we will be giving consumer customers in India the opportunity to call click or visit and have access to Dell products.

To the left is a photo of one of the Croma experiential pods where customers will see Dell products. Click on the image to see a larger version of it.

Also on the retail front, today joined our Plant a Tree for Me initiative to become the first online retail partner to join Dell in offering customers the option of offsetting the carbon impact of the electricity required to power their laptop or desktop.

Customer contributions of $2 for a laptop and $6 for a desktop will go toward the planting of trees that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Dell partners with The Conservation Fund and the, non-profit organizations that plant trees in sustainably managed reforestation projects. And don't forget that over at, you can track progress of Plant a Tree for Me and other initiatives through this Google map.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca