Fixes Coming: Community Site Down from 10 – 11pm Tonight

A bit earlier today, Sean published an alert to let customers know that the community site would be down tonight for about an hour beginning at 10pm Central Time. During this time, we will be implementing a code update that will include some important fixes.

The biggest news is that we’ve fixed the error that’s been preventing some users from posting in a thread or replying to a thread on our forums. Essentially, it was a problem with how we were checking for duplicate entries at the user level. This has been the biggest concern for many of our customers for a while now and we are glad to finally have resolved it.

Beyond that, here’s a list of some other enhancements you can expect after the update:

  • Improved accuracy to Verified Solution sort
  • Ability to remove friends from your friends list
  • Ability to link directly to blog comments
  • Wiki tags data will save
  • Tag cloud selection setting can now be saved
  • Increased space between page numbers
  • Check boxes to select tools for refined search
  • Change in size of the left navigation arrows
  • Change open circle bullets to closed circles on the main page and profiles
  • No private groups visible on the left navigation if not a member
  • If a member, the private group will show in your left navigation
  • Friends details will fully show even with multiple lines
  • Profile bar will default to closed
  • Group landing page widgets will order with newest first
  • Blog category list will be left justified
  • Ability to delete information in wiki or media within a group
  • “Published in” line will not show on blog posts when you are viewing an entry in that blog
  • Improved ability to edit profile

We all know there are other things that still need to be addressed, and we'll continue to focus on that. In the meantime, thanks again for your patience.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca