Four Themes that Shaped IT in 2022

From DevOps strategies to meeting infrastructure needs, don’t miss these must-read Dell Digital blogs on the top IT themes of 2022.

IT organizations faced many challenges in 2022. From increased demands to develop software at the speed of business, to meeting the needs of an evolving workforce, subject matter experts from Dell Digital, Dell’s IT organization, shared their experiences and best practices in blog posts throughout the year. Four themes emerged among our top posts of 2022.

Developer Experience is the Critical Path to Innovation

Freeing up developers to be as productive as possible and providing them with a world-class experience continued to be a major focus in 2022. Within Dell Technologies, this has meant greater emphasis on standardization, automation and self-service, increasing our developer productivity 275%.

We achieved this by taking a layered approach to improving the developer experience, including building a fully automated cloud with a catalog of robust service and a fully automated DevOps pipeline.

We helped our developers work smarter with our API Marketplace and allowed them to  leverage sharable building blocks to create consistent webpage experiences through our UX Marketplace. And we provided our development teams with observability tools to better understand and own the products they build through application intelligence.

Underneath it all is our transformation to a new product model structure that supports our focus on agile development methodology, technology and DevOps best practices.

Organizations Continue to Get Smarter with SRE

Organizations have increasingly turned to Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to help improve site stability and keep platforms up and running. Inside Dell, we’re using SRE in the face of increasingly complex IT systems to meet growing demands for flawless customer experience.

Demystifying Observability in the SRE Process takes a closer look at the key factors of creating an observability practice.

Delivering Great Team Member Experiences is More Important Than Ever

The last several years have posed new challenges for team member experience organizations seeking to keep pace with an increasingly hybrid workforce. At Dell, this has meant transforming the way we serve our 130,000 team members across the company.

Not long ago, we shared how we used research to redefine our workforce personas to better meet team member needs. By transforming this critical design tool, we increased team member satisfaction scores and cost management efficiencies.

We also launched an effort centered on putting together tools and processes to gather and leverage team member experience data via a single platform. This included putting in place practices to see data in real time to better detect, fix and even prevent issues before they arise. Get the details in How Data Helps Dell IT Improve Team Member Experience.

Digital Transformation Starts with Modern Infrastructure

The storage and compute capacity needed to support today’s modern organizations is an ever-present challenge. Dell Technologies has met this challenge in several ways, from Spinning Up Two Data Centers in 90 Days to using automation and self-service to better manage the capacity we have.

By creating the urgent data center capacity we needed using our software-defined strategy, we also introduced a more efficient, scalable and reliable way to build storage clusters in our data center using Zero Touch Provisioning. This process lets us configure new blank servers into standard virtualization clusters, test and validate all functions, and enable them as capacity in a quarter of the time we did previously.

At the same time, we were able to create a faster, smarter, more efficient way to manage the lifecycles servers across the company by Bringing Self-Service Server Decommissioning to Dell IT.

Certainly, 2022 has been an eventful year. We look forward to sharing many more experiences and insights with you in 2023.

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Micky Baca

About the Author: Micky Baca

Micky Baca was formerly with Dell Digital Marketing for Dell Technologies.