Fueling Growth In the Clouds: How Wayne Fueling Migrated Their Critical Business Applications in Six Months

Fueling growth and innovation

When Wayne Fueling Systems, a leading provider of fuel technologies and solutions for retail and commercial fuel stations, was divested from GE in 2014, they had only six months to act. During that time they had to create a new technology infrastructure or face major penalties, and they had to do it, without disrupting their worldwide business.

To help them tide over these challenges, Wayne sought a partner who could truly understand their needs and “listen” to their challenges, rather than a vendor who would simply deploy a solution.

“We chose Dell because they actually listened to our needs,” says Wendi Pitman, global IT director of Wayne. And each time Wayne was looking for inputs, Dell “offered a sounding board for new ideas” and came “back with technology recommendations or provided us with an expert.” She adds, “We look at Dell as a true partner.”

Developing a complete solution

Dell offered Wayne a complete package in cloud services and solutions including consulting, service migration, technology implementation and management. During the course of the project, Dell helped Wayne architect a secure, standalone environment for its applications by provisioning the Dell Cloud Dedicated Service — a Dell-managed cloud service, based on VMware® vSphere™ hosted private cloud, and designed to run business-critical customer workloads.

As part of their enterprise architecture, Wayne moved key business applications to the cloud and ensured that business was un-interrupted throughout the process, and that all applications were available at all times in a secure way. In the process, Dell migrated 40 business applications and more than 1,400 employee-computers in 19 countries to the new Dell Cloud Dedicated infrastructure.

The new environment helped Wayne gain the many benefits of a modernized platform, including scalability, cost-efficiencies and an opportunity to be more innovative. Take for instance Wayne’s own software hosted therein, which enables proactive diagnostics, by providing visibility into how its thousands of fuel dispensers are performing. Cloud has also freed up resources who now have the time and the right tools and means to improve customer experience, like creating new business applications so that customers can communicate better and creating a new customer ordering experience. Pitman says, “We might not have the time and resources to focus on applications like that without having the Dell team manage our infrastructure”.

More importantly, by moving to the cloud, Wayne could focus more on growing the business and less on maintaining the infrastructure behind it. The system also makes it efficient and easy to manage cloud resources. Wayne administrators can deploy and scale cloud applications quickly and easily using Dell cloud tools for self-service provisioning. And it’s faster too. Pitman says, “In the past, it would take us a few weeks to order, procure and set up a server. Now provisioning servers is at least 75 percent faster, because it just requires a phone call to the Dell team.”

Today, Wayne has a flexible and agile cloud-based environment that helps them innovate faster, improve customer communications and relationships and is ready to meet the demands of rapid business growth.

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About the Author: Anand Sankaran