Get Proactive! New Personalized Access to Your EMC Product Info

Many of our customers have been asking us to provide more proactive, actionable guidance about their unique blend of EMC products. We listened closely and just  launched some really cool new features that expose a rich set of personalized, proactive data to all of our customers (with partner access coming soon) through the EMC Online Support site. It includes a consolidated view of your EMC infrastructure with detailed product and configuration data, including proactive alerts for the following:

  • Technical  and security advisories
  • Warranty and/or maintenance contract expiration
  • Code level upgrade recommendations

Accessing the information is easy! Just visit the My Support > My Products section of the EMC Online Support site, where you will be able to neatly organize your EMC product portfolio just like the table below:

ECPS table.png

Known issues and potential risks to your EMC products have just become easily accessible in one place! The product information available in this table will help you to proactively avoid service issues, optimize performance of your EMC products, and also gain a deeper level of knowledge about your EMC environment. Stay tuned, because we are planning to innovate  even more in the future by introducing capabilities such as capacity alerts, trending capabilities, analytics, reporting features, and even customized alert scores for each EMC product in your portfolio.

If you want the most proactive experience possible, then don’t forget to get connected with EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS)! Ensuring your products can send connect-home alerts and configuration files to EMC allows us to provide you the highest level of proactive information and customized advice. For example, the configuration data collected when an EMC product pings us enables EMC to provide you with your current code levels and make customized upgrade recommendations. If you have a question about ESRS, which is EMC’s preferred method of remote connectivity, you can always visit the ESRS forum in the Support Community.


Please take a look around and let us know what you think. You can post comments below, use the Feedback link in the upper right-hand corner of the My Support > My Products page, or begin a conversation in the Your Support Experience community forum. Enjoy!

Ben Chused

EMC Customer Service Marketing Manager

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