Get the Right Parts for Your Dell – Dell System Analyzer Button

Last summer, Lionel wrote a post about our web-based tool that we call System Analyzer.  We designed to take the guesswork out of system upgrades.

So, why re-visit?  Because I continue to get questions from customers on the topic, and because I recently stumbled across a video from YouTube user knuckleblaster.  I wanted to say thanks young tech enthusiast who took the time to upload a video to teach other customers about it.  Here is the video.

To run it, click on the Analyze System button pictured below.  This will take you to  From that page, you have two options: Run the Dell System Analyzer or you can enter the service tag number for your system.  The tool scans your system and presents you with hardware upgrade options that will keep your system running at peak performance. 

Analyze System Button

I recently tried the System Analyzer tool myself and time how long it took from hitting the button to retrieving the information.  My system took 35 seconds.  The system analyzer told me everything from how many slots of memory I had left, and how much memory I was already using, to what products would be compatible for my Dell.  Everything from hard drives, memory, power supplies, motherboards, cooling systems, networking, displays, mice, software and other laptop accessories, like carrying cases.

All of the System Analyzer’s suggestions are specific to my Dell. It’s like having a virtual service provider in my computer.  Try it out, save yourself some time and no hourly service charge or tip necessary.  IN fact, think of the System Analyzer tool as Dell’s "tip" for you. 

If you are looking to upgrade your existing machine, I hope you find it useful. Thanks again to knuckleblaster for taking the time to teach others about how to use the System Analyzer.  We appreciate it!

About the Author: Katie Macdonald