Getting Even Closer To Our Medium Business Customers

3Dell’s first ever SMB Customer Advisory Council Meeting took place in the UK last week – and I’m delighted to say it was a big success!

We invited 13 of our medium-sized UK customers to our Executive Briefing Centre in Bracknell for an in-depth discussion with Aongus Hegarty and representatives from our sales and product group teams. The objective was simply to listen and understand the key issues on their minds. 1

We focused on three main areas:

1. Their feedback on Dell’s current and future SMB products

2. What future trends they were forecasting

3. How Dell can better engage with them to help meet their business objectives

We were able to gain some excellent insights on key subjects like Mobility and Enterprise requirements. For example, we learned that Latitude notebooks are seen as a really great and suitable product by Medium customers. We also received very valuable feedback on some of the IT complexities they faced – and how Dell can help them going forward in this critical area.

It was really interesting to see just how diverse the customers were. We had Jagex, a developer and publisher of online games, Pole Star, a company providing tracking, security and asset management systems to help prevent the threat of shipping piracy in hostile environments, and Pensions First, an innovative financial solutions firm. The one thing they all had in common was a genuine desire to grow their business and reduce IT inefficiencies.

All of the companies certainly appreciated the opportunity to engage with their peers and also felt extremely valued by Dell for creating this M-specific event for them – helping cement our position as a trusted adviser.

Our plan is to now roll-out this event across EMEA/Global, and run on a bi-annual basis in our key countries. Watch this space for more details.


About the Author: Chris Mullan