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Thanks in large part to our customers, employees and suppliers, we've made a significant amount of progress on the green front since announcing that we met our carbon-neutral goal more than five months ahead of schedule. The EPA recently ranked Dell No. 3 in its Fortune 500 Green Power Challenge for integrating green power into facilities. In September, the Carbon Disclosure Project recognized Dell for leadership in carbon disclosure. And just this week, our director of environmental affairs and regulatory compliance was interviewed by Forbes about our holistic approach to environmental responsibility, the importance of energy-efficiency yardsticks and the need to help customers and suppliers to reduce their environmental impact.

While certainly a cornerstone of any program, energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions are only one piece of the larger picture. Our environmental goals are tied to every aspect of our business, from paperless reporting and reduced packaging to green design and free recycling for consumers worldwide. Buried within every one of our products and processes is an opportunity for greater efficiency and sustainability. This is a race that has no finish line and possibilities for improvement are endless.

That's where you come in. We count on our customers to continue to give us great ideas for greening our business and letting us know which areas need improvement. We read every comment that is submitted to this blog and and encourage you to join the conversation. We collectively evolve and grow through an exchange of ideas that crosses borders and cultures and this is especially true the more people join in. Our IdeaStorm site has been newly revamped, making searching for ideas or linking similar ideas together even easier. If you have a next great green idea for IT, share it with us. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Topics in this article