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I put in a short plug for the new Alienware M11x notebook, our
first ultra-mobile gaming laptop
, in my 2/26
from the Greener Gadgets
. In pondering it further, I think this nifty gadget deserves a
bit more blog space. Here's why:

A lot of people think green technology equals wimpy
technology-that less power consumed means less performance. Not true at all.
And the M11x,
along with the Dell
G2410H full HD green monitor
, are perfect examples of that.

The M11x offers top-notch gaming
performance in a really small form factor (the graphics power of a 15-inch
laptop in an 11-inch form factor). But it also offers some great energy-saving
options, too, like:

  • Intel's ultra low
    voltage processor
  • The ability to switch
    between two graphics options: energy-optimized mode or full-power,
    high-performance gaming mode. The switch is simple – just press Fn+F6
  • The option to dim the
    system's LEDs (keyboard, speakers, etc.) in both AC and battery mode to
    conserve power. The Alienware Command Center also offers a "Go Dark" mode that
    saves power by switching off all the LEDs in the system except for the main

All this, plus winning "Best of
CES 2010" from both CNET and IGN, proves green
does NOT mean wimpy.

Need another example? Check out this
on our fancy new Dell G2410H full HD green monitor.  With it,
you get full performance and brilliant images, PLUS:

  • An EPEAT Gold rating
  • Ambient light sensors and other power-saving
    features such as Dynamic Dimming and PowerNap
  • Low power consumption – 20W in normal operation
    mode and only 0.15W in sleep mode
  • Glass built with no arsenic and backlights that are
  • Chassis plastics that contain 25% post-consumer
    recycled plastics.

Still think you can't be environmentally conscience without
sacrificing performance? Think again, folks…

About the Author: Michelle Mosmeyer

Topics in this article