Hit a Home Run with Dell KACE!

Dell KACE is taking all of you hard working IT admin out to the ballpark, because, really, what’s summer without baseball – It’s not one! Join us for box seats, beer, hot dogs, demo, and yes, Cracker Jacks too.

We know that that being an IT admin can sometimes be a thankless job, and managing all of the technologies in your organization and putting out fires each day can sometime make you want to crawl under your desk and hide.  We at KACE want to get you out of the daily grind by taking you to a baseball game near you; we’ve got killer box seats, beer and all the food you can eat. See how with the Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance you hit a home run by freeing up your time and saving money for your company.

Come and kick up your heels, have a cold one and join us at the park.  Find out more about where we’ll be.

About the Author: Lisa Richardson