Hot out of the oven – the new Mini 1018!

Looking for a great netbook for surfing the net and staying connected when on-the-go? Look no further than the new Inspiron Mini 1018. Designed with everyday netbook computing in mind, the Mini 1018 offers long battery life, processing power ideal for web browsing, social networking, and standard definition entertainment – all in a very compact, portable (and affordable!) package.

Launching today in Europe (and rolling out in other regions throughout the Fall), the new Mini 1018 is the latest addition to the Mini family – and the perfect addition to yours. Whether used to entertain the kids on long drives, do the weekly online grocery shop, or speak to family members across the miles, the Mini 1018 offers the netbook must-haves you need to get it done.

Inspiron Mini 1018 - UKSo where does the Mini 1018 fit in with the current Mini 1012? I like to think of the Mini 1018 as a hand mixer. Where am I going with this? I’ll explain. Some of us are casual bakers. We make a cake or cookies from time to time on a whim (or when the mother-in-law comes for a visit), but we leave the more complicated techniques to the experts. For us, the hand mixer is the ideal tool. It gives us enough speed and power to mix the ingredients and produce a delicious (if sometimes slightly lopsided) cake at a budget-friendly price. Starting from a sweet £279, the Mini 1018 is all about excellent connectivity, light productivity and entertainment. The Mini 1018 features a nimble Intel N455 Single Core processor, the addition of the latest DDR3 memory technology and broader connectivity with Wireless N as well as a spacious up to 250GB hard drive – meaning you can use this mini multi-tasker to connect, store and enjoy whenever, wherever.

Others of you are more serious bakers, and you need a tool like a stand mixer (who doesn’t covet one of those gorgeous colourful KitchenAid ones?) to make perfect pastry and fluffy breads. To continue with the analogy, the Mini 1012 would be a little like the stand mixer. It offers increased productivity, more power and it has that little extra ‘wow’ factor. The Mini 1012 features a lux HD display with Broadcom media accelerator for the best HD entertainment experience, enhanced audio with SRS Premium audio feature, and the ability to personalize with a number of vibrant colours or a choice of over 130 different covers from Dell Design Studio including collections from OPI, Threadless, and (PRODUCT) RED.

The way I see it, either way, you still get to lick the beaters! YUM.

But I digress, to go back to the Mini we are introducing today, the Mini 1018 is also as beautiful to behold as it is tech saavy. It may only come in one colour, but when that colour is a slick high gloss Obsidian Black, you can expect it to turn heads. The Mini 1018 also features the same curvy new hinge-forward design as the Mini 1012 and Inspiron R series, and a new textured palmrest. Another show stopper – a touch pad with discrete buttons and single gesture functionality! (I know it’s a little bit geeky – but this is my favourite new feature…)

Not only that, the Mini 1018 comes with Skype pre-installed, so free Skype-to-Skype video (with the Mini 1018’s built webcam) & voice calls to friends and family members are just a mere click away!

From on-the-go solutions that offer great wireless connectivity for surfing the Internet, checking email and staying connected to fully-loaded multimedia systems that provide high-end performance for creating content and enjoying a mobile cinematic experience, the Mini 1018 is the latest product from Dell that offers people the ability to go online and choose the perfect netbook or laptop with confidence, knowing it will be a smart investment that will deliver the ideal technology-by-design for their needs.

What do I need? A quick and easy chocolate cake recipe for this weekend!

Click here to view the full product details for the new Mini 1018. Again, it’s available today in Europe and is coming soon to your local

About the Author: Melanie Derome