How Survey Software Can Better Connect You With Your Customers

Customers are the core of every business. If you could only get into their heads and know what they’re thinking, you could target your efforts to fit their needs. Fortunately, technology has produced a tool to help you do just that—survey software.

Surveys aren’t new; businesses have used them for decades to identify market trends, get opinions on new product ideas and feedback on current practices. What is new includes some easy to use tools that make surveying a breeze.

Survey software allows you to create a survey in minutes and distribute it with an easy click of your mouse. You can find customers’ demographic information, have them rate your service, and allow them to provide opinions that will help steer your company in a positive direction, making them happy and bringing money into your pocket.

Besides gathering the information, survey software also analyzes the data for you. No more going through thousands of sheets of paper and tallying numbers. Once your customers respond to a survey, the data comes back immediately in the form of numbers, charts and graphs. And you can look at the data in a variety of ways—perhaps you only want to look at how 18-24 year olds feel about something. Or maybe you want to look at how people in different geographic regions responded to your survey.

And there are so many ways to use the information. You can keep it to yourself and use it for strategic planning. You can send it out to shareholders as proof of why a new idea should work, or send it as part of a press release to gain media attention and bring more customers your way.

The best part is that it only takes a few simple clicks and it doesn’t have to be expensive. With so many different survey companies out there, you have the option of signing on monthly or on a per-survey basis. And regardless of the cost, the knowledge you can learn from your customers is invaluable. Keeping them happy is the key to your business’ success.

About the Author: Besa Pinchotti