How to link YouTube channels and Google+ pages

By Cy Jervis

Google is betting that you want to consistently brand your online identity across social channels. This is why it is now allowing beta testing of a new feature: the ability to link your YouTube channel with your Google Plus page.

This is great news for those people who have a popular YouTube channel and want to extend their channel’s success to their G+ page. Or those who have a popular G+ page and want to brand their YouTube page with the same success. It’s also good for those who need “managers” for their YouTube accounts to manage the page without gaining access to personal login information.

Here’s how it works.

How to join the beta test to link your YouTube and Google+ accounts

Check that the Google account associated with your YouTube channel has its own Google+ profile. To set up a new Google+ profile, go and follow the instructions to create a profile with your name.

For users with existing Google+ pages that would like to connect to their YouTube channel, you will need to add the Google account associated with your channel as a manager of the page.

Once the Google+ and YouTube channel profiles are set up the next step is to connect to a Google+ page (beta), found in your advanced account settings.

Select one of three options (link with a new Google+ page, an existing Google+ page owned or managed by your channels’ Google account or link with a Google+ profile). When you’re done, tap into the Google+ community for beta testers to share your experience.

Benefits of linking YouTube with Google+

You’ll have access to tools such as multiple managers on one channel. This is great for when you want to safeguard personal login details but need a team to help you manage your YouTube channel.

You can name or rename your existing YouTube channel according to your branded Google Plus page. If your personal profile on Google Plus is strong and well-defined, you can rename your YouTube from a decrepit username to a professional sounding name consistent with your Google Plus profile. This is great for personal branding where your own name is an established brand.

You also get perks such as a YouTube tab on your Google Plus page, the ability to host live broadcasts via hangouts and seamless video sharing capabilities.

The beta test allows a 14-day period within which participants may choose to unlink both accounts. If not unlinked within the two-week period both accounts will remain linked indefinitely.

Cross-linking these two social media tools is just the beginning to the ever expanding, wholly connected and very digital business communication platforms available. If the beta test proves successful, what can we expect to see in the future of these two pivotal outreach products in terms of marketing?

You can also join the conversation at this Google Community and share your test results with others who are integrating their YouTube channel with their Google Plus profiles.

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