Ideas in Action Update: August 2011

has been a busy month on IdeaStorm as we have been closing the loop on older
ideas that were marked “Under Review” as well as some of the newer ideas.  This week we added an Idea Partners Bio page to the site and IdeaStorm
was featured in an article on Mashable titled How Dell's Social Suggestion
Box Empowered Fans & Improved the Company
.  We also have a new
Storm Session titled “What are you looking at in
laptop displays
for those who would like to contribute.

of the ideas recently marked as Implemented include: 

Allow non-Dell Certified
Drives to work with PERC H700/H800 RAID controllers
 by krantz

New XPS 17 Notebook with Full
by karotti

USB 3.0 Motherboards by bowhunter100

M17X R3 485M Official Support
Including 3D Support

by DeeX

of the ideas recently marked as Partially Implemented include: 

Allow Anti-Virus as Optional by rgb66rgb

Environmental Laptop Based on
Solar Energy/Hydrogen Fuel Cell
by gchakra

Make Dell Ubuntu PCs
available to businesses and non-profits
by wyleyr.


the new Bio page you will learn a little more about some of our Idea Partners
as well as being able to put a face with the name in some cases.  New bios and picture are coming so check back
often for updates.

the next month we will be continuing to close the loop on the old and new ideas
marked as “Under Review” and as always looking for great new ideas from site

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