IdeaStorm Fortnightly Recap 10-3-08

We've had 2 cool (IMHO) announcements in the last few weeks.  Almost a month ago, we announced the mini computer.  Now, we're announcing the mini projector!  This handy dandy little device will let you easily carry a projector in your bag to connect and project wherever you go.  Check out this post on Direct2Dell for a video to learn more.   Badblood increases his ideas Implemented or Partially Implemented to 12 now with this one: Invest in mini-projectors!

As part of our ongoing strategy to be the greenest technology company, we have also announced plans to transition to energy efficient LED displays over the next 12 months.  Yardsale's idea to switch to LED monitors has grown to over 11,000 points and I'm happy to see it will be implemented as we move forward.  Also note, the mini projector uses an LED as well. 

You also may have noticed I have been doing a little Category "clean-up" as we prepare to upgrade our site at the end of the month.  Thanks to winoffice for the reminder to Add a "Studio products" category.  I added that one, consolidated Operating Systems – Multi-boot into Operating Systems, removed Healthcare and changed Simplify IT to Enterprise.  I also added a Women Interest category to support our efforts with our Cyber Sisterhood blog.  If you have other suggestions for category changes, please add that comment here or in the Storm Room.

I'll be back in a few weeks with more Idea updates and more info on our upcoming site changes.

About the Author: Vida Killian