IdeaStorm Recap – 12/19/2008

We have made some more changes to IdeaStorm in the last few weeks based on your feedback.  We have added points to your profile box per the suggestion of haloman with No points for posting(I don't whant them) and your points should be in your profile box on the top right.  On the Top Idea Makers page, you can view the highest points and see alternate views of the top contributors by points, ideas, votes, or comments.  Thanks phubert for the request to Restore alternate (sort) views of the Top Idea Makers List.  Some highlights from that page…

  • Badblood recently overtook the top point spot from dhart
  • jervis961 remains the top voter with sugarbear close behind and new member on the scene nicki quickly climbing the ranks. 
  • jmxz remains the top idea provider with 273 ideas.
  • And jervis961 recently topped phubert in the number of comments provided.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions!!! 

Another key improvement this week was fixing the Promoting/demoting Bug as submitted by haloman.  You are now able to vote for ideas from the list view or the idea detail view after you click on a single idea.

We had an exciting announcement this week as Dell released our Global Green Packaging Strategy.  We plan to eliminate 20 million pounds of packaging over the next 4 years!!  Many of the ideas on how to improve our packaging came directly from IdeaStorm:

In addition to these, we have implemented the following ideas as well:

I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday (and a happy birthday to jervis961 as well)!  I will be back next year with some great news about the return of the post Preview button, auto-log in, and the Lightning Rods!

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