IdeaStorm Recap – 12/5/2008

I said I would get back on my regular schedule of ever 2 weeks so here I am!  First of all, I would like to welcome some of our new users that have become quite active on IdeaStorm with new ideas – dumzki, putt and FanfootWebsterh has been commenting quite a bit while nicki is our lead new user in voting!

A few key updates for Implemented Ideas regarding IdeaStorm are:

Make it easier to tell if you voted up or down on ideas – I think most in the comments agree that the new buttons are easier to read.  Thanks james-94!

There were 2 requests for RSS feed fixes which was as well that have been merged and Implemented: Bring back RSS from zmjjmz and Please fix this…. from badblood

And a special thank you goes out to jervis961 who helped find ideas that we neglected to update as Implemented.

We also have some ideas asking for the ability to upload pictures to print directly on the computer.  Currently, that is still only available through skinit, where you can apply a cover onto your laptop.  But we have also opened up a larger design studio for the Studio laptops with many more options for cover designs.  Check it out at

We have more updates planned in the next few weeks for both IdeaStorm and Community, so stay tuned to find out more about those and what is happening with products across Dell.

About the Author: Vida Killian