IdeaStorm Recap – 5/22/2009

I have a lot of ideas to update this week!  Maybe that's because I missed my update 2 weeks ago when I was traveling on business. 

Our Studio One product is now available in the US and Europe.  Thanks to the community for these ideas:

Arvis asked for Desktop Colors which was updated to Implemented.  Check out Lionel's blog for more info.

Hopefully, you have heard about our Latitude 2100 netbook product that recently launched to specifically address the needs of students and classrooms as suggested in this idea – Affordability and Durability for Student Laptop Initiative.

And while we are talking about Netbooks – we have seen a surge in our Netbook ideas thanks to the Lightning Rod we have posted.  The Netbook team is listening to all ideas – so please share your thoughts!  You can also follow them on Twitter at @dell_mini.  We have recently updated these 2 Mini ideas: inspiron 9 why not 10? and (Product) Red for Mini's.

Amie_P updated this idea for our partners on PartnerStorm: Make it easier to take care of daily tasks like checking on orders.

As for ideas specific to IdeaStorm

Thanks to arjen's idea – How many ideas are actually Implemented?? – we have added the number of implemented ideas in the General Stats.

And Jackie updated to idea, Notify me of deleted posts, as we do send emails to people whenever an idea is deleted due to non-compliance with our Terms of Service.

I'll be back again in 2 weeks!

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