InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award Winner the Dell PowerEdge R715

 On January 9, InfoWorld announced that its internal Test Center has presented their Technology of the Year Award to the Dell PowerEdge R715 server.

Kevin Schultz referred to the Dell PowerEdge R715 in his InfoWorld article as if it were not only the most important “multi-tool” available but also compared it to a bright and shining star within the greater technology universe by saying the R715 is ready for any workload but shines brightest as a virtualization host.”

The Dell PowerEdge R715 is as rock solid as Texas granite and could serve as the backbone for most any rackable data center or server room.

The Dell PowerEdge R715 is a two socket, 2U rack server powered by two AMD Opteron 6100 or 6200 processors, features include 6TB of internal storage, support for DDR-3 1600MHz memory, and 6 PCIe slots for  a multitude of connectivity options. The Dell PowerEdge R715 is well suited for data consolidation projects, collaboration, and general business processing needs. The AMD Opteron processor and Dell memory configuration options offer the scalability necessary to support virtual environments. In addition to the award received by Dell, InfoWorld awarded the AMD Opteron 6200 with Turbo Core technology the Technology of the Year Award for processors.

The InfoWorld article highlights our dedication to consideration of current and future needs when referring to the Dell PowerEdge R715. Kevin Schultz completed his statements with this “The world of operating systems and hypervisors isn’t quite ready for the Opteron 6200, but when it is, the R715 and the new Opteron will raise the price-performance bar even higher.”

As a Technical Marketer within the Dell Enterprise Product Division, user and tester statements similar to his are simply outstanding: even better than the award. They are a confirmation that all of the long days, late nights and weekends invested by the members of the Design, Engineering, Planning, Product Management and Marketing teams helped bring a product to market that is significantly differentiated, and provides the right mix of features, benefits and value for our customers.

After all, that is where the journey for any of our Dell server products begins, with: customer inspired design.

Dell actively seeks open and direct customer input from all over the globe, from organizations and customers with a wide variety of usage models. Dell strives to create server products designed to meet and exceed the current and future technology needs of our customers regardless of business type or employee base. PowerEdge servers support large and small businesses, education institutions, non-profit and charitable organizations, government agencies and the military and they even help enable health care entities to save lives.

I am proud to be part of the division responsible for bringing Dell server products to market. Knowing that our products such as the Dell PowerEdge R715 are helping customers run their businesses, secure and serve data, simplify their work-life, support their families, and maybe even save lives along the way is an outstanding feeling.

About the Author: John Barnhart