Internet Explorer 9 Beta Looking Good

Microsoft's IE9 Beta Launch I’m here in San Francisco for the Internet Explorer 9 Beta Launch event and the crowd is excited. Microsoft has listened to us (Website developers, Dell and you) to create a browsing experience that gets out of the way and allows us to enjoy the web in a whole new way.

Dean Hachamovitch (CVP, MSFT Corp) described it best by comparing the browser as the stage and the show is the applications you enjoy every day.  Web developers have already started to embrace this new model and there were a number of cool demos from companies like Amazon, BBC Top Gear, and Rough Guide. See some the examples yourself at

There is too much to cover in a quick post, but here are a few things that really caught my eye:

  • Utilizing the full potential of your PC – with integrated graphics hardware acceleration websites “pop” like never before. You need to see this to really appreciate how much faster and more dynamic it makes the experience. Lionel blogged about it during the beta preview and have have to agree with him–it opens some exciting possibilities. Take a look at some of the examples here.
  • Application like web experiences – You can now pin webpages to the taskbar just like an application! Very cool and it makes the experience much more intuitive. If your daughter has a favorite website like Dora the Explorer now it is just a click away.
  • Dell Innovation is creating the next generation of products to take advantage of IE9. Take a look at the sneak peek of the Windows 7-based Inspiron duo at the Intel Developer Forum and you’ll get an idea. 

If you want to read more about IE9, there's lots of positive buzz about it on Techmeme. Click on the image below to go right to that page:

IE9 Beta Launch on Techmeme

Oh and I’m proud to highlight that Dell PCs drove the keynote demonstrations today. When Microsoft wanted to ensure a flawless presentation they went with us. 🙂

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