Introducing PowerEdge VRTX

Did you know there are 27 million small offices in the U.S. alone? Or that a whopping 60% of the GDP of China is contributed by small-to-medium enterprises? In our thousands of conversations with customers over the last few years, they told us that no integrated solutions platforms have been optimized for these environments. Based on these conversations, we were inspired to take a different approach. Our marketing and engineering teams got to work designing an innovative solutions platform made specifically to address these customer needs.

Today I’m excited to announce PowerEdge VRTX (pronounced “ver-teks”). In mathematics, a vertex is the intersection of multiple lines. PowerEdge VRTX is the intersection of servers, storage,  networking and management into a single, right-sized chassis optimized for small offices.

VRTX is not a re-packaged data center offering. That is not what customers are asking for. Customers did not say, “Give me an overly large collection of parts that is complex, costly, loud and difficult to manage.”  Instead, customers told us, “Give me a compact, integrated solution: Give me two to four servers for virtualization and back-up, give me shared storage for high availability with extensive capacity for growth, include cost-effective I/O, and make sure it has simplified systems management. Fit all of that into a compact chassis that fits under a desk or countertop and can go into a rack as well. Make it quiet – really quiet. And affordable.” The answer to that request is what we are announcing today.

PowerEdge VRTX is already receiving rave reviews from early evaluation customers and from industry analysts whom we have pre-briefed. This response comes from the fact that VRTX is designed from the ground up to uniquely address the issues of office IT environments. It features customer-inspired innovations such as huge internal shared storage capacity and unified systems management of all resources inside the chassis. At the same time, VRTX is built on a foundation of proven Dell technologies known by our channel partners and our customers worldwide. This familiarity and product knowledge will help users accelerate integration of VRTX into their IT infrastructures.     

VRTX enables large enterprises and organizations to put data center horsepower out into their remote/branch offices where performance and capacity are needed. At the other end of the spectrum, VRTX enables small and medium businesses to redefine office IT, gaining greater simplicity, efficiency and versatility. You can view a brief animated video introducing PowerEdge VRTX below, and I invite you to call a Dell sales representative or channel partner to find out more about how VRTX can benefit your business or organization.

You can read more about VRTX on, check out Brian’s blog post or watch the PowerEdge VRTX video below.

About the Author: Forrest Norrod