IT ensuring a strong financial heartbeat at NASDAQ

Stock exchanges are considered the financial heartbeat of the economy. And in this highly competitive market, technology is essential to keeping that financial heart beating. 

NASDAQ, the world’s largest exchange company, considers speed a differentiator, and technology enables speed. As NASDAQ Executive Vice President and CIO Anna Ewing describes in this video, the mission critical platforms Nasdaq relies on to process its millions of transactions per second must be high performance, highly reliable, scalable and easy to manage.

Dell PowerEdge server solutions support its trading platform, Genium INET, as well as NASDAQ’s global enterprise infrastructure. Dell’s storage solutions help efficiently manage the company’s data at the market site offices and in its data centers. Dell partners with NASDAQ on data warehousing solutions to effectively manage, store, and unlock business insights from complex data. And every day, NASDAQ’s global teams rely on Dell desktop and laptops to be productive. 

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About the Author: Rakesh Nair