Journey from Digital Competence to Digital Transformation

A central philosophy of Dell Digital Business Services is that the latest business cycle is driven by digital. Even though digital is primarily associated with customer experience, the concept of digital also takes into account new business models, enhanced employee engagement and enriched operational capabilities.

Industry experience is a crucial component to successful digital transformation. At Dell Digital Business Services there is a big emphasis on industry-focused solutions. As banks and other financial institutions continue to serve digital savvy customers, they have to also start adopting digital practices. It is fascinating to see how digital continues to transform the banking space by driving the creation of digital banks, new ecommerce models and platforms for superior customer experience.

Next week I am attending a CIO roundtable in New York entitled ‘Advancing from Digital Competence to Digital Transformation?’ During the session we’ll discuss the current and future state of the digital enterprise, as well as other topics including:

  • Building a foundation for a comprehensive, business-first transformation rather than merely bolting technologies onto existing processes.
  • The role of the CIO and IT organization in digital transformation.
  • Effective ways of engaging with other executives across the C-suite to drive digital transformation.
  • Achieving customer centricity in regards to mobile apps and social media.
  • Using advanced analytics to improve customer insight.
  • Recruiting the right skill set to execute your company's digital transformation.
  • Accelerating your time to market.

The roundtable promises to be a unique peer-to-peer opportunity to generate ideas on how best to use digital technology to attract and retain customers, lower costs, rapidly develop new business models and fend off competition from new and disruptive web-only rivals. I will also be tweeting about the event and you can follow the discussions here.

I am really excited about visiting New York again and participating in a roundtable that promises to be an interesting discussion on the future of digital.

About the Author: Raman Sapra