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Cloud computing and consumerisation of IT are two key industry trends that have recently grabbed a large proportion of IT headlines, not least because of their potential challenges for IT managers. Despite the many and varied benefits of both of these new technology trends, management of devices in a cloud environment can be less than straight forward, which is why it’s worth taking a look at what the Dell Wyse Cloud Client Computing suite can offer customers and partners alike.

Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager (CCM) offers a great way to manage your users’ desktop and palmtop environment. Deploying from the cloud, it can manage all types of device from a single console, it has intuitive user-centric views and policy management to make handling mobile devices hassle-free, and it makes it easy to identify important activities and identify assets on the customers’ premises. This is a great service sell, or a management console for more involved customers – it’s up to you. 

Dell Wyse Configuration Manager 1.2automatically deploy files to Windows Embedded devices – everything from virtual desktops to single-purpose end points, such as kiosks. 

Dell Wyse Device Manager (WDM) 4.9.1 scales from small organisations up to large enterprises, making it a very comprehensive zero- and thin client manager, all wrapped up in secure HTTPS communications and a device policy that allows you – or your customer – to manage devices in real time. If needed, WDM Enterprise can support hundreds of thousands of clients – but WDM works just as well for small businesses.

What does this mean for partners? Well, I believe this represents a pretty powerful set of tools that works well for managed services and XaaS as well as client-owned and managed solutions. Because it’s all deployed through the cloud, there’s a good opportunity to roll-your-own – or the customers’ own – package of software, services and management. This means taking a very powerful suite of tools for managing and imaging devices remotely, and applying them to your chosen vertical markets of specialisms. This isn’t about selling a single product that only works for one or two of a vast array of different potential deployments – this is something for partners to take, modify and make their own, with a solid security wrapper and flexible deployment and management through the cloud.

I really do urge all of you to learn more about this cloud-based toolkit: IT managers and integrators alike can now provide end users with light, powerful computing at a time and place – and on the device – of their choice. Cloud computing and consumerisation of IT are here to stay and Dell Wyse solutions offer a great opportunity to start building services and sales revenue.

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Topics in this article